Core dev:

• Redecentralization: building a robust cryptocurrency developer network

• Scripts, in depth

• discussion: reusable addresses with identity based encryption

• Let’s talk Bitcoin Adam Back interview (creator of HashCash, the inspiration for Bitcoin’s POW) - committed tx, homomorphic value, fungibility, privacy

.9rc1 - open issues that need to be resolved before release

• Stealth addresses don’t scale to SPV nodes. An alternative name, static.

• Bait for reusable addresses - help with SPV node privacy, a proposal

• BIP 0032 - HD Wallets, wiki rewrite (more readable)


cryptocurrency related

• Ethereum - Comments and concerns

ethereum’s Dagger POW flawed?



andytoshi’s coinjoin
Bitcoin MultiSig



• Steve B - Secure Bitcoin Storage on a bootable USB (hardened host OS for wallet, jailed VM for general computing)

• Ryan Shea - coinkit