For those of you interested, there is a one day academic conference happening at Princeton Thursday which will have panels/talks with Gavin, Peter Todd, Gregory Maxwell, Matthew Green, Andrew Miller and other heavy hitters in the crypto / bitcoin / alt coin space. You can check out the details and RSVP here, it’s free:

Core Dev:

0.9.0 Released

OP_RETURN reduced to 40 bytes, beefin[masked]

Network Hashrate Stats + Unknown miners

Pull requests

bitcoinj - Payment protocol experiments: BIP72 via Bluetooth and signing!msg/bitcoinj/kW-8SbAFZMI/Z6mnyInWHvoJ

Pybitcointools 1.1.6

Electrum 1.9.8 Released + some issues / 2 of 3 escrow / Multi Factor Backups (see: greg’s reply)

Armory .91 Beta, testers needed

Bitcore Browser Roller

Attacks against SHA-256 and redesign of the block header?

Someone’s impersonating Gavin (PGP keys)

Canadian Bitcoins ‘hacked’




NimbleCoin (will actually go over it this week) / MinCen Protocol / Block optimizations

Altcoin Idea


Malleability, deposits and atomic cross chain transfers

Implementation of Bitcoin in Objective-C

C# Bitcoin Node (alpha!)

Block Explorer (Go)

Proof of Liabilities (Clojure, Ruby)

Watch only addresses in bitcoind

Block Parser (C++)

Price Correlator (lol)


Reality Keys

Conformal (authors of btcd, Go implementaiton of bitcoin) is looking for interns

Michael Wozniak:

Remember to bring topics you would like to discuss; if you are interested in presenting just reply to this email and let me know.