Core Dev:

“New” Bitcoin Core Maintainer!

Issues/Pull Requests:

Draft BIP - Shamir Secret Sharing

BIP 42 - A finite monetary supply for Bitcoin (lol)

Gox/Malleability Analysis

Node Use on the Decline?

Mining Statistics

Unknown pool on its way up, propagating blocks with 2 base system pattern?

Libbitcoin Splitting

GUI for sx (I have NOT looked at this code, tread with caution of course)

Chain Archeology, Revisited

Satoshi Spent 50BTC (that we know of), where are they now?

Threshold Signatures:

Heartbleed OpenSSl bug


Blockchain Scripting Contest

BitCube (store your private key in a rubik’s cube)

Flexcoin and Poloniex Hacks Revisited

Ethereum v2 Whitepaper

SchellingCoin: A Minimal-Trust Universal Data Feed

DPOS (BitShares)


Decentralized networks for instant, off-chain payments (proposal and proof of concept, oldish)



Michael Flaxman & Tom

Michael from is in town for the conference and will be giving a talk on how to secure your bitcoin using cold storage. He’ll be explaining the core elements of cold storage: air gapped machines, random number generation, symmetric encryption, and Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme. He’ll also be reviewing the Bitcoin protocol so you can better understand the fundamentals. The goal is to build a system that has no single point of failure, is impenetrable by attackers, and recoverable even if you forget your password. By the end of the talk, you’ll know not only how to store Bitcoin securely, but also some very common mistakes that people make when using cold storage.

Kyle Drake

Kyle is also in town for the conference and will be talking about some of his work on Coinpunk and bitcoinjs-lib!