Development Roadmap of Bitcoin Core 0.9.2

BIP70 implementation guidance

Github Pull Requests/Issues

Eliminating double-spends with two-party self-escrow for high value transactions

Tree Chains v. Side Chains

Full Node Statistics

Weekly Hash Rate Stats
Coinbase reallocation to discourage Finney attacks (no words for this one)

Replace-by-fee scorched-earth without child-pays-for-parent

New BIP32 structure for P2SH multisig wallets

bitcoinjs-lib K value generation issues
Bojan will speak to this, if not I will.

SX Command Line Utilities (new HD Key Commands):

BIP Draft: Atomic Cross Chain Transfer Protocol

SPV-grade block provider

mbits vs. bits vs. bitcoin vs. ___? Pick your poison.
Too many disparate discussions to list.

Launch a full Bitcoin node on Digital Ocean’s network in 1 click 

Stealth addresses in bitcoinj

Bitcoinj Watch only branch


NBitcoin (C#) [probably not battle tested]

MonoBitcoind (Mono/C# Wrapper) [probably not battle tested]

Integrating Bitcoin Daemon with PHP

AppeCoin (draft)

Private Aytomatic Miner Backbone Protocol (PAMBA) - didn’t talk about this last time

DECOR Protocol


Cantor Pairing Function to combine different addresses

Deep Technical Dive into Bitcore with Eric Martindale



Adam -

Rodrigo - BitEx (follow up presentation)