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0.9.2 Released

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Payment Protocol Privacy Debate

Deanonymization of clients in Bitcoin P2P network

Bandwidth Costs of a Full Node

BTCnDash: Bitcoin Node Dashboard

Mining Stats

Estimating the Number of Miners

p2pool mining stats[masked]

Sober look at Bitcoin’s usage patterns (Mike Hearn)
Armory Multi-Sig Video Demonstration

Btcd Beta Announcement

Bitcoinj API Changes: HD Wallets and Coin Class!msg/bitcoinj/owbwnHANXmA/iFtT-7HDdB8J

Bitcoinj Micropayment Channel Walkthrough


Multibit to Charge Transaction Fee

Trucrypt: Game Over

Darksend CoinJoin is Broken

Apple ToS Change?

ZeroCash Initialization Sketchy


Pierre Rochard - Nakamoto Institute

Joe Fiscella - Florincoin Update