Thanks to the lovely team at USV for hosting us.

Should be a very sobering meetup this week, Bitcoin is hurting right now and there is no clear solution to our problems. You can expect a good portion of the meetup to be set aside for pool discussion.

On the bright side of things, we’ve got a jam packed meetup this week, please come on time as we will be starting _promptly_ at 7! 

Core Dev:

(Official) 0.9.2 Release (rc2 was released two weeks ago, I was mistaken last time)

Github Issues/Pull Requests (bitcoind)

0.11.3 Released (bitcoinj)!msg/bitcoinj/cvc5X_VtX6E/94eDH-4a8fQJ

receivePending accepts double spends (bitcoinj)!msg/bitcoinj/BbJybCFa0zQ/I5aCmTIA8y0J

Payment Request Instant Confirmation BIP

Bitcoin miner heads-up: “getwork” RPC going away

Timelock: time-release encryption incentivised by Bitcoins’s CoinJoin Implementation is Compromised

Interview with Peter Todd

Mining Stats

Mining Concerns

Non-Outsourceable Puzzle to Prevent Hosted Mining/Mining Pools

Block Withholding Attacks[masked]

Marginal Economy vs. Growth Economy (the article, not the podcast)




James Potter - Tradewave

Sergey Nazarov - Secure Asset Exchange

Adam Krellenstein - Counterparty Update

Artur + Ray - Open source wallet and Blockchain API