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Nonoutsourceable Scratch-Off Puzzles to Discourage Bitcoin Mining Coalitions (formalized)

Theoretical and Practical Nonoutsourceable Puzzles

Preventing Mining Pool Concentration with Lamport Signatures

Making pooled mining immune to 51% attacks, selfish mining, etc. by bundling an SPV client into mining software.

One dev’s opinion: Enabling mining pool policy experimentation

The 50% Club

Mining Stats

BitFury, p2pool

PETAMINE, p2pool

Fee Graph

Block Download Frequency vs. Depth

Why Bitcoin Won’t Use DHT[masked]

Analyzing the Deployment of Bitcoin’s P2P Network under an AS-level Perspective

Bitcoin Protocol Specification Paper (Revised)



Extending Zerocash to hide tx amounts and balances

Counterparty - OP_RETURN[masked]

ncurses front-end for bitcoind


bitcoinJS 1.0.0 Release

Proof of Activity

Proof of Stake


Matt Elias & Sean Andrews (BitDevs DC organizer!) -

Martin Koppelmann (co-founder of Fairlay) - Decentralized Prediction Markets