Message from our Sponsors: is a financial technology startup working to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency technology and mainstream finance. Our team consists of known leaders in both fields, with three of its founders having co-founded the Counterparty platform, and its other founder behind two alternative trading systems and the original LavaFlow ECN. We are venture/angel funded, and have already attracted significant investor interest and press coverage (FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc).

We are currently looking for strong, experienced front-end/full-stack web developers, and for developers with expertise in cryptocurrency and distributed systems.

Applicants must be intelligent and passionate self-starters who work well with a team and who can pick up new programming languages and frameworks quickly. You’ll have the ability to participate in technology selection at multiple levels, and we are offering a competitive salary, plus stock options. We want our team members to share in our success, and to have equity to benefit from it. By joining Symbiont, you have the opportunity to become an early, integral team member of a project to revolutionize modern finance, as well as the ability to work with (and help to define) truly cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.


Aaron Zirker - Coinado

Cristoph Jentzsch - EtherLock


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 Upcoming DOS vulnerability announcements for Bitcoin Core

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