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This event will follow the general format of our Socratic Seminars, with a focus on the development of the Ethereum protocol. During the first half of the event we will touch on wide variety of discussion topics listed below. The second half of the event will feature presentations listed below. If you can’t make it to the main event please join us for a social hour at Bubba Gump. Food and drink at the event are sponsored by our friends at Consensys


• John - Deploying a Smart Contract on BlockApps

• Aakil - SafeMarket

Discussion topics:

Consensus changes necessary for the homestead release

RPC method to inspect the txpool queue

Garbage collector

(Homestead)EIP 2: Hard-fork Changes


(Serenity) EIP 103: Blockchain rent

(Serenity) EIP 105: Binary sharding plus contract calling semantics



Privacy on the Blockchain

Understanding Serenity, Part I: Abstraction

Understanding Serenity, Part 2: Casper

Andrew Miller: The Gas Model And Ethereum’s Economics by Epicenter Bitcoin

State Channels