Please RSVP on the Miami International Bitcoin Meetup page. Please join us for the warm weather version of our 64th Socratic Seminar at the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon.
Discussion topics:

0.13.2 Release

Github Issues/PRs (open)  (/open) (merged) (/merged)

Dev Meetings

Network Stats

Node Count

The bitcoinqueue is back

Fee Visualizer

View tx position in mempool queue

FIBRE .5b3


Bitcoin Transaction that takes 5 hours to verify

Lightning Network

Schnorr Sigs + Lightning

Some magic?

Segwit, FlexTrans

Scaling Bitcoin with Secure Hardware

Opendime v2

MimbleWimble Chainsync

A problem with Monero’s RingCT



A Bayesian Approach to Identify Bitcoin Users

Zero-Collateral Lotteries in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Measuring the ecosystem to explore the current state of activities and development - research study by the CCAF is looking for participants

The Real Name Fallacy 


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