Sergio Demain Lerner of RSK labs will tell us about his new ideas regarding scaling Bitcoin:

Abstract: The RSK platform is a decentralized Bitcoin sidechain. The RSK vision is to achieve true financial inclusion of billion of people currently unserviced by the financial industrywith the RSK platform. This scale can only be achieved by a Lightning network, so RSK’s created Lumino, an off-chain payment network over RSK. But off-chain payment channels require on-chain transactions when a hub misbehaves, when one party disappears and for channel top ups, and therefore it’s also important that the underlying blockchain can handle a high volume of on-chain transactions in a reduced time window. Assuming each user tops up and settles a single payment channel every month, Bitcoin throughput would enable only 2 million users participate. The Lumino Transaction Compression Protocol (LTCP) reduces the storage cost of online transactions, and potentially enables billions of people to participate.

The paper for this meetup can be found at the bottom of the RSK homepage: