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Discussion Topics:

0.14.0 Released

Pull Requests

Network Stats
IBD Improvements Over Time

Blockchain Growth - Bitcoin v Ethereum

Bitcoin Node Services

Bitcoin Node Security

Other Stats

Weekly Meetings

Bitcoin Unlimited Remote Code Exploit

User Activated Soft Fork

On-chain scaling - a review of historical performance optimization made to Bitcoin’s reference software. Part 1

[bitcoin-dev] TXO commitments do not need a soft-fork to be useful

[bitcoin-dev] Proposal for utxo commitment format

XPIR for more private lightweight nodes


Cloudflare Reverse Proxies are Dumping Uninitialized Memory

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2017

Construct 2017

Porting Bitcoin Core to CloudABI

Release v0.14.0 FIBRE

Constant-deposit multiparty lotteries on Bitcoin (revised)

Bcoin v1.0.0 Released

Want to #bitcoin Geek with Us? Join #lightning!

Sprites: Payment Channels that Go Faster than Lightning

Zerocoin implementation bug


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