Felix Weis - Mempool-flow based fee estimation

Discussion topics:
Bitcoin Core[masked]rc3

Pull Requests

[bitcoin-dev] New Bitcoin Core macOS signing key

[bitcoin-dev] Taproot: Privacy preserving switchable scripting

[bitcoin-dev] Graftroot: Private and efficient surrogate scripts under the taproot assumption

[bitcoin-dev] ScriptPubkey consensus translation

Network Stats

Lightning Network
lnd Pull Requests,

[Lightning-dev] AMP: Atomic Multi-Path Payments over Lightning

[Lightning-dev] QuickMaths for Onions: Linear Construction of Sphinx Shared-Secrets

LN Network Graphs + Statistics

Zap Wallet Beta Release

Hardening Lightning

Settling Payments Fast and Private: Efficient Decentralized Routing

Financial Crypto 18

Bulletproofs (new version of paper) (Andrew Poelstra presentation)

When A Small Leak Sinks A Great Ship: Deanonymizing Tor Hidden Service Users Through Bitcoin Transactions Analysis

Key Aggregation for Schnorr Signatures

Future Technological Directions in Bitcoin

The DCS Theorem

Zero knowledge, subversion resistance, and concrete attacks

Simplicity: A New Language for Blockchains

State-of-the-art Attacks on Secure Hardware Wallets

Electrum 3.1 Release

[bitcoin-dev] Electrum Personal Server alpha release

The Challenges of Building Ethereum Infrastructure

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