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Discussion topics:

==Bitcoin Core PRs==

[bitcoin-dev] BIP 174 thoughts

[bitcoin-dev] Alert key disclosure

Wallet Descriptors


Building on Bitcoin

Schnorr BIP

Next Generation Light Clients: Block Commitments

The Power of Peer Commitments

The half scriptless swap

==Lightning Network==
lnd PRs

c-lightning v0.6

Submarine Swaps on the Lightning Network

Amount-independent payment routing in Lightning Networks

Exchange Integration with the Lightning Network

Ant routing algorithm for the Lightning Network

grin testnet3

grin PRs

A New Blind ECDSA Scheme for Bitcoin Transaction Anonymity

A New Look at the Refund Mechanism in the Bitcoin Payment Protocol

Verifiable Delay Functions

NOCUST – A Non-Custodial 2nd-Layer Financial Intermediary

==Interesting Repos.==
Wasabi: Privacy Focused Bitcoin Wallet for Desktop –

libwally-core - Useful primitives for wallets

Ruse Electrum Server Implementation

FC 2019 : Financial Cryptography

Bithumb High Fees

EOS fail

Counterfactual: Generalized State Channels on Ethereum

Hackers Stole Over $20 Million From Misconfigured Ethereum Clients

Buggy ERC-20 Tokens

Solidity Security: Comprehensive list of known attack vectors and common anti-patterns

Bancor Hacked


Rampage and Guardion

Lazy FP state restore

“ROHNP”- Key Extraction Side Channel in Multiple Crypto Libraries

Root KSK Ceremony 33