Thanks to Chaincode Labds for food and refreshments. If you can’t make it to the main event please join us for some merriment at Westville Hudson around 9:30PM.

Discussion topics:
Bitcoin Core PRs

Optech Newsletters

Lightning Network
c-lightning PRs

Neutrino: The Lighter Side of Lightning

CVE-2018–17144: An Analysis

AsicBoost capability verified — 13% in energy savings

Braiins OS

Learning from cryptocurrency breaches

sign-to-contract: how to achieve trustless digital timestamping with zero marginal cost

The Proof is in the Pudding: Proofs of Work for Solving Discrete Logarithms

Formal Barriers to Longest-Chain Proof-of-Stake Protocols

Fragmented Transaction Protocol

Statechains: Off-chain Transfer of UTXO Ownership

Cross Curve atomic swaps: Equivalent Secret Values Across Curves–equivalent-secret-values-across-curves.txt

Fast Secure Multiparty ECDSA with Practical Distributed Key Generation and Applications to Cryptocurrency Custody

Fast Multiparty Threshold ECDSA with Fast Trustless Setup

CoreDev Tech

Bitcoin Edge

Scaling Bitcoin 2018

Monero: A Post Mortem of The Burning Bug

Creating money out of thin ether

Spectre and Meltdown Hardware Protection Added to Intel’s 9th Gen CPUs