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Carl Dong - Supply-chain Security for Bitcoin
Andre Neven - Koala Studio

Bitcoin Core PRs

Bitcoin Optech

lnd PRs

Eclair PRs

Quick Lightning Channel Stats (31-Jan-19)

Month in Lapps


[Reverse CoinJoins] New ideas to extend CoinJoins


Current state and the future of DApps

The reports of bitcoin environmental damage are garbage


Stanford Blockchain Conference

Cryptographic accumulator based on the strong RSA assumption, Python & Solidity: oleiba/RSA-accumulator

Crypto Crime Series: Decoding Darknet Markets

The Ripple Story

Disclosure of the impact and mitigation of CVE-2018–20587, affecting all released versions of Bitcoin Core, including the latest[masked].

Selfish Mining in Ethereum

Parity and Aleth Ethereum nodes vulnerable to traffic amplification attacks

Downgrade Attack on TLS 1.3 and Vulnerabilities in Major TLS Libraries

The Curious Case of Convexity Confusion