Proposed in 2013 by Greg Maxwell, CoinJoin is a multi-party input aggregation protocol that breaks the “common-input-ownership” heuristic, a blockchain analysis technique commonly applied to Bitcoin’s transaction graph. Why CoinJoins work and under what circumstances they can fail are important questions. This event will start from the beginning: we will learn about the history of CoinJoin, how research has evolved in the space and what the differences are between the currently available implementations.

There is quite a lot of ground to cover, much of which you can find below. I will continue adding to this list as the weeks progress, but below is an overview of some of the subject matter we will cover. The event may turn into a multi-part series depending on how the first event unfolds. The only prerequisite knowledge you MUST have to participate in this event is a basic understanding of Bitcoin’s unspent transaction output model.

This event will be led by J. If I missed something or you have a CoinJoin-related topic you would like see included in the event, please open a pull request or make a comment on the meetup event page.


Coordination Protocols

Non-equal value CoinJoins

Two-party CoinJoins

Attacks, Mitigations

Other topics we will cover

  • Post-mix merge avoidance
  • Hardware wallets and CoinJoin
  • How schnorr can improve CoinJoin
  • Where CoinJoin and sidechains intersect
  • Where lightning and CoinJoin itersect