We regularly host guest speakers at our Socratic Seminar events to talk about technical contributions to the community. The talks are not for promoting products or services.

We have some guidelines to make sure that the talk is useful and relevant for our members:

  • You must not solicit investment from our audience in any way.
  • All presentations are capped at 15 minutes, including question time.
  • The content of your presentation must be directly relevant to a technical audience that is interested in:
    • How the Bitcoin protocol works.
    • Innovations that improve the inner workings of the Bitcoin protocol.
    • Projects that strengthen the ecosystem (e.g. make it easier/safer to interact with, tooling for developers, etc.).
  • Your project must be:
    • Technically innovative (rehashing of existing tech in a new product would not qualify, unless the implementation is demonstrably novel).
    • Live, or code published if it is FOSS.
  • You must work directly on the project and have strong understanding of its fundamentals. You should be prepared to answer technical questions about how the project is implemented.
  • The presentation must be centered around a live demo. Anything more then 3-5 minutes of slides is not allowed without explicit approval.
  • Your presentation must be complete 1 week before the event. Be prepared to do a dry run of your presentation with the BitDevs organization team.

If you’re interested in sharing your project with the BitDevs community we’d love to host you.

-the BitDevs team